Ready For The Fall & Winter Seasons?

Considered having us install a Remote Starter

assembly into your vehicle for this year’s expected Cold Weather?

This feature can be activated often through . . .

  • Use of a vehicle’s FOB Key (utilize manufactures’ built-in features)

    - The starting range will equal current FOB’s Lock/Unlock range.

  • Use of a hand-held “Remote” unit can extend past the FOB’s range.

    - Typical range increases approximately to 1,500’ up to one mile.

  • Use of your smart phone with a “CarLink 6” installed in a vehicle.

    - Provides unlimited range, allows multi-users, and added safety.

New Product … M7… 24/7/365 Dash Video Surveillance System

Professional Window Tinting Services 

• All Types of Vehicles Done

  • Homes, Cottages, and Garages
  • Business Offices, Showrooms, And Warehouses

Call & Ask Us About Our Current Specials!

Have a windshield glass that’s            chipped or even cracked?

  • We could have that fixed for you, while your vehicle is already here

    for some other scheduled work.

  • Whats that Old Saying ... "Kill Two Birds with One Stone".

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