We Do Sell & Install Truck Bed Covers Also

Summer Is

The Fun Time!

Pro Tint Can Install A New Hitch & Wiring Onto Your Vehicle Before That Up Coming Trip.

 (2)  Business:    Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, And Many Decor Films Available Too.


Tinting Your Business Windows Today Will Help:

  - Reduce The Sun’s In-coming Direct Glare

  - Reduce The Sun’s In-coming Summer’s Heat

  - Reduces Fading On:

      • Carpeted floor/rug areas

      • Wooden floor areas

      • Wooden furniture 

      • Fabrics of chairs &

         other furniture

      • Items on display within glass cases

  - Adds Privacy/Security To Exterior Glass Areas

  - Using Decor Films On Interior Glass Creates:

      • A separation of room(s)

      • A defined zones/areas within the office

      • A completely new office look(s)

      • Additional privacy with office cube/spaces

 (3)  Residential:    Homes, Condos, Lake Cottages, And/Or Garages

Tinting Your Home And/or Cottage Windows Will Help:

   - Reduce The Sun’s In-coming Direct 


  - Reduce The Sun’s In-coming 

    Summer’s Heat

  - Reduce sun’s indirect glare from

    patios, porches, and other structures.

  - Reduces indirect glare from water,

    like streams, ponds, rivers, or lakes

  - Reduce color fading of:

     • Carpets

     • Furniture

     • Belongings

  - Adds More Privacy

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